Academic Learning Center

It is rare for a student to excel in every subject. Acknowledging that each student may have a different learning style, different strengths and weaknesses, and different interests, Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area offers the Academic Learning Center to provide the direct and individual guidance many students require.

SVA Bay Area students who fall behind in coursework are required to attend proctored Academic Learning Center sessions. Students in good academic standing may request Academic Learning Center as a time to receive course assistance or additional college counseling.

SVA Bay Area also offers academic tutoring for students who have been identified as requiring more intensive support.

Academic Support Program

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area recognizes that all students learn in their own unique way.  The Academic Support program is designed to provide the additional support that students with learning differences need to be successful.  Students in our program receive one-on-one and small group instruction outside of the regular classroom that enhances their ability to navigate SVA Bay Area’s challenging, college preparatory curriculum.  We work with each student to help them manage their time as we simultaneously develop specifically identified academic skills.

A team approach is employed to identify and design academic interventions.  Classroom teacher observations, learning specialist observations, educational consultant input, prior academic performance and educational testing are all considered prior to establishing a plan of academic intervention for the student.  Interventions typically include organizational strategies, time management, study skills, ADHD support, reading comprehension, writing and math.