Academic Overview

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area is proud of our ability to offer a challenging, college preparatory academic program coupled with dynamic student-teacher interaction that ultimately leads to educational success. Our goal is to develop each student intellectually and emotionally. Students are challenged to think both critically and creatively. By providing such a rich variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom, we foster responsible choices and prepare our students to pursue a lifetime of goals and achievement. By teaching our students how they can establish small successes in their lives, they begin to realize that they can also be successful at accomplishing ever-larger goals.

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area has a 4-year, college-preparatory curriculum, designed to prepare our students to be successful at colleges and universities in the United States and throughout the world.

Our Academic Approach

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area offers:

• A broad-spectrum, multi-level curriculum that strives to meet the unique needs of each student

• Advanced Placement course offerings

• College Advising to assist all seniors with college applications

• An Academic Support Center that tailors help to your student’s needs

• Staff that engage with students in order to help them find their own successes

• Teachers who promote the overall growth of a student through acknowledgment of individual learning styles

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area looks forward to helping your child achieve his or her goals within their high school careers and beyond.