Community Service

At Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area we believe that service to one’s community is an obligation that every member of our community should fulfill. This is why Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area has made it an integral part of our student life program as well as part of our school curriculum.

Each student must participate in community service during every school year. As a requirement for graduation, students must complete a minimum of fifteen hours of community service per academic year. Community service opportunities may include but are not limited to the following volunteer opportunities: tree planting, trash clean up in a local park, participation in food drives, volunteering at a local retirement home, etc. Students can participate in school organized volunteer programs or develop their own community service fulfillment program. Self-selected programs must be approved by school administration.

We believe that ultimately, students find that the intangible rewards that come from giving their time to the community, far outweighs the sacrifice it requires of them.