Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the application process:

What are the deadlines for the application process?

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area has a rolling admissions process and accepts student applications throughout the year. Students and parents are always welcome to email student applications or questions to

What documents are required for admission?

To be considered for enrollment to SVA Bay Area, you must:

1. Complete the online application. This can then be emailed, sent in by fax (925) 294-0436, or printed and dropped off in person to the SVABA Office. The admission page of our website has further details on the complete application process.

2. Submit letters of recommendation from a teacher and counselor.

3. Submit a current copy of your high school transcript.

What happens if I cannot make it to campus for a personal interview?

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area requires interviews for all domestic and international applicants – by meeting you we will gain a sense of your interests and potential that we cannot get from your application file. If we cannot meet in person, a phone call or Skype interview may substitute.

When can I visit campus?

We welcome interested students and families Monday-Friday during academic hours. When students and families come to visit, our admissions staff will walk you through campus and you will have an opportunity to speak with teachers and students. A full visit usually lasts around an hour. To schedule a tour, please call our office at (925) 278-6355 or email

Questions about Student Life:

Is there a dress code?

No. However students are expected to dress appropriately. Dress guidelines can be found in the school handbook.

Are students allowed to have cell phones on campus?

Yes, students may have cell phones on campus. As part of our electronics policy, there are some appropriate limitations to phone use for students.

Do students need to bring their own laptops?

Each student is provided with a laptop computer for academic use.

Do you have internet connectivity on campus?

Yes, we have WiFi connectivity throughout the entire campus and there are strategic content restrictions.

Can students have a car on campus?

Yes; students are permitted to bring vehicles to campus and there is ample student parking.

Questions About Academics

How many Advanced Placement (AP) classes do you offer?

We are able to teach 15 AP courses, however only a smaller number are taught each semester, which are offered with valid student interest and staff qualification. Students may earn college credit with successful completion of AP classes and the national AP examination.

What does the daily academic schedule look like?

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area offers seven periods a day, including both core and elective classes.

What kind of study skills support is available?

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area has an excellent system in place when students need extra help. Each student is placed in Advisory and is assigned an Advisory Teacher. Students meet with their Advisory teachers often to address any areas of difficulty and/or to develop a plan to better manage the workload. This may involve time-management skills or methods to improve focus during study time.

Where do your seniors typically attend college?

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area is a new school and 2017 will be our first graduation class. However, our students at the Lake Tahoe campus are accepted to a wide range of excellent universities. On average, each senior is accepted to three colleges and/or universities. Here is a complete list of college acceptances.