School Wide Standards


Squaw Valley Academy-Bay Area cultivates confident, well-rounded students that contribute wisdom, compassion, and leadership to a global society.


Our graduates are prepared to thrive academically, contribute effectively and lead meaningful lives.

Our vision is accomplished through:

• Personalization:  Small class sizes and a deliberate focus on the individual needs of each learner.

• Globalism:  Purposeful exchange of worldviews and interaction with other cultures.

• Critical Thinking:  Emphasis on high-order reasoning, creativity, and complex problem-solving.


Guiding Principles

We engage, prepare and inspire each student through:

  • Student-centric Focus:  Our greatest commitment is to support, advise and encourage our students. All decisions are considered through the lens of positive impact on student outcomes and achievement.
  • Collaborative Efforts: We believe that learners are best served when students, families, and educators work together. Through joint planning, active listening and respectfully challenging one another, we continually improve and achieve better results for our students.
  • Purposeful Practice: We are reflective and rigorous in our practice. We deliberately apply lessons learned to improve our curriculum and programs to better serve the needs of our students.


Diversity Statement

Squaw Valley Academy-Bay Area School is an inclusive community that values diversity among students, staff, and families. In our community, diversity spans race, socioeconomic level, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, family structure, and other differences.

We believe diversity is crucial to academic vitality. Therefore, we are committed to cultivating intellectual, social, and emotional growth in an inclusive environment where diverse experiences and perspectives are essential to the rigorous education we provide.


A Squaw Valley Academy graduate is:

An educated individual who has the motivation and skills to succeed in a challenging academic environment at the post-secondary (college) level.

A healthy individual who maintains a sound mind and body, thereby developing confidence, self-esteem, and a tolerance for adversity.

A social individual who is a global citizen and understands the value of community involvement, leadership, and personal responsibility.