The Arts at Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area

Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area embodies a hands-on approach to education by being involved in learning and the pride associated with both self-study and classroom work. Our college preparatory Multimedia Design program helps educate students in Film, Design, and Digital Editing Software. Students investigate a wide range of artistic concepts like abstract design, expressive line portraits and surreal landscape, to name a few. Students at Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area experience a wide range of mediums and processes to help achieve their goals and access to colleges located here and abroad.

Students in the Multimedia Arts Program at Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area are challenged to develop personal solutions to various concepts and processes posed by both teachers and students. Using resources and experience from Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area staff and teachers, students are encouraged to investigate Abstract Art from Picasso to Expressionist works from Henri Matisse.

The Multimedia Program is designed to give students an intimate look at technical, formal, conceptual and expressive studies of Multimedia Design.