Physical Education

At Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area, we strive to enrich the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of every student. As a requirement for graduation, students are required to fulfill 20 Physical Education credits.

For those students who do not participate in interscholastic or club sports, or alternative sports outside of school, SVA Bay Area offers Physical Education I and II, which are full year courses that include such subjects as calisthenics, yoga, indoor strength training, tennis, table tennis, running/jogging and soccer. This two year program fulfills the Physical Education requirement for our school.

Alternate Activity Program
The Alternate Activity Program permits students to pursue an athletic or recreational activity outside of the Squaw Valley Academy Athletics Department, and apply the activity hours toward the cumulative physical education credit required for graduation. Examples include martial arts training, fencing, club swimming, equestrian training, club volleyball, etc.