Residential Student Life

Our students are a mixture of domestic and international students, as well as day and boarding students. Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area offers two types of boarding for our students.

Host Family Boarding is for our international students who want more of a “home” environment by living with a local family in a private home. This structure can be a more personal, comfortable and secure-feeling alternative. The host family experience represents a unique chance to learn about another culture first hand, share cultures, develop English language skills and create life-long global connections.  While staying with a host family, a student has bedroom and bathroom facilities with places to study and relax.  The student shares in the meals, recreation and leisure times of the family and participates fully in family life.  The host family will transport the student to and from school unless other means are agreed upon by all parties.

Dormitory Facility Boarding is a popular alternative for our more independent students both local and international. Our boarding facility offers room and board accommodations in a secure campus facility. Students will ride the morning and afternoon bus to and from school. The complex includes a student lounge with TV, a cafeteria, a kitchen facility with microwave and refrigerator, fitness room and laundry. Meal services for the morning and evening meal are provided to dormitory residents in the cafeteria. Lunches are the responsibility of students and are available at school for purchase each day. Each student is assigned to a 4-person suite which includes a bed and desk for each student and full bathroom facilities with tub and shower. We truly believe that the boarding facility is a “home away from home.”  Just as there is adult attention and guidance in the host family structure, the same is true in the boarding facility. We provide resident counselors at the facility and they are a calming presence in the dormitory around the clock.