Student Life

A Nurturing Environment

At Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area, we use a student-centered instructional method. This method involves culturally responsive instruction which is focused on catering to the social, emotional, and educational needs of the student. One of the first goals of our teachers is to successfully create a culturally responsive environment in the classroom.  Our mission is to convince each student that we genuinely care about their cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs and to continually illustrate that concern throughout the day and the academic year.

Student to Student Bonds

At Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area, we embrace and foster healthy and cooperative partnerships between students as well as positive, accepting and supportive friendships. We believe that encouraging students to reach out to one another to solve problems and share knowledge not only builds collaboration skills but leads to deeper learning and understanding. We foster this concept by assigning students to groups to review their homework, do daily class worksheets, participate in moderated discussions, and complete hands-on projects. Students quickly realize that they are able to solve problems as a group that they would not be able to solve as individuals. In addition, students learn valuable lessons such as focusing more on the process, not just right answers; building accountability, and encouraging students to be in tune with one another.

In addition, we realize that friendships and social relationships become more important during the high school years. We believe that positive, accepting and supportive friendships help teenagers to develop towards adulthood, to build a sense of belonging and confidence and to develop a sense of security and comfort in being with others.

Educational Excursions

At Squaw Valley Academy Bay Area, we know that learning and education comes in many forms. The San Francisco Bay Area offers many lessons and educational experiences all within one hour of our school. All students will participate in week-long “Spring Excursion Week.” This week is planned for students to attend day trips in and around the Bay Area with specific educational goals in mind. One day could be a trip to visit Stanford University and meet with undergraduate admissions representatives, the next could be a tour of the Google offices in Silicon Valley, or a day course at the Lawrence Hall of Science on the University of California Berkeley campus.